Thursday, 30 October 2014

Why i craft and how it all started

Hello everybody i have been asked by the lovely Emma Collins to write a bit about how i got in to crafting and what my favorite products are ect.

 I got in to this highly addictive hobby nearly 10 years ago, i don't know where to the time has gone. my mother introduced me to Scrapbooking as i was trigger happy with a camera and wanted some where to jot down a few memories along the way. when i first started Scrapbooking was a brand new concept in the UK so naturally i went in search of products to use. Back then i stated off with  Papermania  you will probably remember the Citrus and Colossal paper packs. i can tell you the brand has grown since then.

 I craft because it is a great way to relive stress and express yourself. after working for a bookmaker for nearly 8 years you need stress relief. but now back to craft talk, my favorite Docrafts products apart from all of them would have to be my Xpress die-cutting machine, it is so easy too use and i can buy any type of die without the worry about whether or not it will fit. you see it has adjustable rollers cleaver eh.

My next favorite product would have to be the spritzing inks as i use them to add colour and customise any embellishment that needs to fit in. i store them upright in a carry box designed for holding cleaning products but lets not mention cleaning far too much crafting to be done.

I have a few more storage ideas to share with you below 

I keep my Small stamps on a large binding ring so i can flip through them and hang them on to things when i need them to had. this idea works with stickers and embellishment packs.

This was a cutlery rack i got from Wilkinsons for 50p and found it was a great place to store my craft tapes.

        I use a letter holder to store my small embossing folders which can be customised if needed.

                                                       Thanks for visiting

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