Thursday, 25 December 2014

Festive Fun Day 6: tacky earrings and other Christmas Jewelry

Hello this will be my last post for this year while i balance the festivities of this time of year with crafting and work. Before i start i would like to thank everyone for their support for 2014.

My Christmas started yesterday on Chrismas Eve when i went to mum's for dinner. We got so drunk we nearly over cooked the dinner and mum's cat Romeo nicked half a joint of gammon. I have no idea how he ate that so fast but we had to laugh. Next year we will order a takeaway lol.

Its been a while since i made any jewelry but my mum likes those tacky baubles dangling earrings that are all the rage at the moment. i said why pay over £3 for a pair when i can grab some of my small tree ornaments and convert them into ear wear.

These ones are made with a selection of beads and charms. I just threaded them a long a head pin, the ones with a loop and the turned up the end with pliers to add the charm on the end.

Thank you for visiting and i will be back in January introducing the new First Edition Die sets and Little Meow paper set with a new tutorial.

Merry Christmas and Happy New.

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