Sunday, 1 March 2015

Docrafts Blogger Outreach Program: A beginners guide to using the Artiste Dual tip pens

Today i will be talking about the new Artiste water color pens. There are 36 colors that all blend with each other and they come in a handy case that will fold up and fit into a handbag or tote but can also be folded out like a stand.

I am a complete novice to colouring in stamps and i have tried several different types of pens and pencils but found that these pens are the easiest to use. Compared to the Dual Tip Brush Markers these pens are easier to blend with water so that you can use them like watercolor paint.

I am now going to run through a tutorial with you on how to use these pens for water coloring.

You will need a few items:

Two acrylic blocks, one to stamp with and the other to use for blending.
Fine tip brush (Artiste  brush set (DOA 767202)
Artiste Water colour Dual tip pens ( DOA 851310)

I would advise to use pigment ink for coloring as it is less likely to bleed into your colors when wet. i used the Artiste Black ink pad (DOA 550105). Stamp your chosen image out on to plain white card stock, to get a clean image either used a foam mat underneath or place the card over the inked stamp and pat down with your hand.

To blend the color pens with water, scribble on to a clear acrylic block or non stick surface so it looks like this.

Next take a fine tip brush and dip it into clean water and let a few drops of water fall on to the ink and the mix with your brush.

you can repeat the above step with as many colors as you need and just dip the brush in to the ink and color as you would with paints.

 Mixing colors is simple, just scribble the chosen colors next to each other on the acrylic block and apply water. blend them together as you would with water color paints.

 You can use the pens to create water color effect backgrounds. I used a water pen to achieve this effect but you can apply a darker colored ink to an acrylic block and paint it onto a background that has had water painted on to it. just draw the color downwards to get the same effect.

I found that the dark yellow pen creates a healthy looking skin tone when it is watered down.

I still have a lot to learn about shading but these pens are really good for beginners who need something easy to practice with.

Here are a few more cards i made while playing around with the pens.

This bunting was created using the stamp and i stamped it in a row onto blank card colored it in and cut it out.
                     I was experimenting with the clean and simple look with this one.

Here i used the pens as both a water color paint and like a marker with out any blending with water.

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  1. Great tutorial Katie. Looking forward to having a play xx

  2. Amazing to see how you create! LOVE the cards!!!