Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Trimcraft Simply Creative Lavender Dreams Cards

  • Using a 6 x 6 square card blank, cover the whole card in a sheet of 6 x 6 patterned paper .
  • Cut another sheet about 8 cm wide and glue to edge of card.
  • Cut out a large scalloped edge circle and glue to center of strip.
  • Using the Buckles, Frames and Boarders die set, Cut out the thin heart boarder and glue across the circle.
  • Cut out the cut out the flowers with steams from the Nature Die Set. Cut two out in green card and two in purple. Cut the flowers off the purple ones and glue to the green ones.
  • Adhere the flowers to center of the circle
  • Cut out a pair of leaves and adhere over the flower steams
  • Cut out a large butterfly and adhere to center of the circle. Add a gem to the center
  • Finish card with a sentiment 

  • Take the ribbon card blanks and cut two strips of purple paper about 1.5 cm wide. glue these to the back of the card where the ribbon would slot through.
  • Cut a 4 cm wide flag from lilac paper and glue off center to the top of the card.
  • Cut out a selection of leaves and foliage from green card stock.  I used the Nature die set.
  • Take some twine and create a rough loop.
  •  Place this over the flag and glue into place.
  • Adhere the foliage to the center of the flag starting with the thinner steams and layering the leaves over the top.
  • Cut out a few flowers and place the large one over the top of the leaves and add a small flower in the center.
  • Cut out a few small butterflies and dot them around the center of the card.
  • Use a hole punch to create the little dots from the scrap paper.
  • Finish card with a sentiment sticker.

  • Using a 5 x 7 card blank, Cover half of the card in a dark purple paper and half in pale purple.
  • Using the Borders die set, cut out a wide border and a thin boarder. Trim the wider boarder in half and glue to the center of the card.
  • Cut out a scalloped circle and adhere to center of the card.
  • Adhere the thin boarder across the circle.
  • Cut a doily from pale patterned paper and adhere to center of the circle
  • Cut out two lots of foliage from green card stock.
  • Take the leaves and a purple flower from the Simply Creative collection and adhere them to the center of the circle. Take the two die cut leaves and slot them between the leaves.
  • Cut out two small flowers from the Nature die set and place in the middle of the purple flower. Add a mini bow and button.
  • Finish card by cutting out another boarder and cutting this in half. Adhere to the corners of the card and decorate with flowers and buttons.
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    Susanne said...

    Lovely! The pops of green really work with the purple.

    Katie Lamb said...

    Thank you Susanne

    Linda Simpson said...

    These are gorgeous, loving the designs and papers. Purple, oh I do love this colour.
    Linda xxx

    Cathy Clowes said...

    These are all fabulous Katie. I love these papers and you have showcased them beautifully. Cathyx

    Shabneez said...

    A great collection of cards Katie - love the colour and designs. Shabneez xxx

    Katie Lamb said...

    Thank you Linda

    Katie Lamb said...

    Thank you Cathy

    Katie Lamb said...

    Thank you Shabneez