Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Mail Art With Gummiapan

Hello crafty friends

I am on the blog today with some mail art using Gummiapan stamps.

Products used

I started off with a blank 5 x 7 envelope and i stamped the Worn Grid stamp around the edges first. Next i inked just the edge of the Photo Negative stamp and stamped it down the side over the Worn Grid.

Next i stamped two Dotted Branches at either corner of the envelope.  I then added a few Monarch Butterflies in between the worn Grid pattern. 

I finished off by adding small arrows and chevron down the edges before spritzing with blue and sepia inks.

I started this one off with the Worn Grid pattern again and then added another layer using the Worn Chessboard stamp. I used the Number Collage stamp down the edge of the envelope and i used dark colours for the texture stamps.

Next i used the Larger Butterfly stamps in Green and Warm Yellow to make them pop out from the monotone background.  I stamped these across the envelope and over the first Layer of stamps.

I finished off by stamping Live Love Laugh across the top in black ink.

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Sunday, 19 November 2017

How to create a textured mixed media card

Hi all
I have a mixed media Christmas card to share using Best Glue Ever.

I used Brusho powders on the card base and then used ExpandeIt on the edges which when heated turns into a foam. I then inked over it and added gold glitter paint.

I added some lace across the card.

I cut out two stars one from paper and one from Lutradur material. I added more ExpandIt to the star and applied heat. Material is difficult to glue down but Best Glue Ever has no problem with this. I added a bark star to the center of the star and added a charm.  

Next i eanted to add the bead trim around the center of the card so i added blobs of Best Glue Ever and let it set a little before carefully wrapping the bead trim around the focal point 

I finished off with a sentiment sticker.
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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Rubber Dance Stamps:Mixed Media Flower Card

Hello crafting friends

I have another card made using the Textured Flower stamps by Susan Rose.

I used a stencil mask with thick modeling paste on the base of the card and let it set. I then mixed Brusho powders with water and painted them down the centre. I then spritzed the card with blue mist spray.

I coloured the flowers in using Brusho powders which i mixed with water to create an ink. Once they was dry i cut then out and possitioned them on the card

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Rubber Dance Stamps:Mixed Media Flower Greeting Card

Hi all

I have been playing with my new stamps from Rubber Dance. These stamps are designed by Teamie Susan Rose.

I used a tall card and applied a stencil mask down the centre using modeling paste.
spritzed it with purple,pink and grey spritzing inks

I stamped out the flowers and leaves onto card and used Brusho powders to colour them in. 

I used a lighter colour and then a contrasting colour to add shading.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

How To Use ExpandIt To Create A Beautiful Frost Effect

Hi all

I am up on the blog today with a mixed media art journal page.

To start off the page i glued fown some scraps of Lutradur which i heated up and distressed.
I Then used white gesso and once it was dry i sprayed the page with water. Next i sprinkled on Grey, Ost Blue and Aquamarine Brusho powders and then sprayed more water over the top. I used a paint brush to mix the colours but you can let them dry as they are if you want to keep the patches of colour.

I used blue mettalic Lustre over the top and then i started applying the Expandit paste using a spatular. I used a heat gun to fluff it all up and as it expands, it branches out like frost. To create the frosted look i used pearl metallic lustre and glitter glue.

I applied a stencil to the background and used metalic lustre to bring out the pattern. The words were created with alphabet stickers and i used a ruler to keep them straight.

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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Vlog Weathered Wood Updated Tutorial

Hi all

Here is my first video with my own voice on it !!

Videos scare the crap out of me so i was nervous while filming and i do mutter a bit or is that the madness setting in?  I am still working on the angle  as some of the shots are out of view of the camera but i did not swear or end up with the cat walking across the desk so a massive bonus.

I am going to invest in a better tripod as buying new filming equipment is going to cost and i dont have the funds to buy a better camera or a web cam that will let me zoom out. Bloody webcams from China!! i will look into getting a Logitech one later though. So for now i will have to make do with carefully positioned Blu tack and my project disappearing off camera.

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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Cherish the Memory Royal Christmas Card Kit

Hi all
I have a few cards i made up using the Royal Christmas card kit to share. The kit has plenty of bits in it that can be used for other projects too.

I love the foil accents on these cards which give them a real festive vibe.

I use 3D foam tape or pads to build up the layers so the cards don't look flat. 

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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

How To Create This Simple Card Using The English Garden Collection.

Cover a square card blank with patterned paper and trim to fit the card.
Using a nesting die, Cut out the first layer using another pattern from the English Garden paper pad and ink the edges before gluing it to the card.
Cut out another layer from silver glitter paper using a smaller nesting die and adhere to center of the card.

Stamp a bunny image onto white card stock and colour in with water colour paints.
Place a square nesting die over the top and cut it out to create a topper.
Colour in the background with blue ink and allow to dry.
Glue a piece of lace across the card and then add the topper to the center of the card
Finish off by adding a small charm to the edge of the card.

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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Altered Christmas Jar Using Best Cleaner Ever

 Hi all
I am on the blog today with a easy Christmas Decor project using an empty jar and ScraPerfect products.

I started off by soaking the lables off the jar and then using Best Cleaner Ever to get the glue and residue off. Just let it soak for 5 minutes and wipe with a wet wipe.

Next i cut out a star shape and glued it onto the front of the jar using Best Glue Ever. I then painted over the whole jar with 3 coats of red glass paint to get a solid cover.

Once the paint had dried i carfully peeled off the star in the centre and gently wiped the glue off with Best Cleaner Ever.

I finished off by placing a set of battery powered lights inside the jar and added a bow around the neck of the jar.

Here are the product links

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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Colourcraft Making Christmas Tree Decorations With Lutradur

Hello Crafty  friends

I have discovered a new material to play with called Lutradur. You can cut it, ink it, paint it and melt it.

I used nesting dies to cut out the basic shapes and I cut one from Lutradur. I then glued ribbon on the back of the felt shape. I then painted the Lutradur with the Aztec Metallic Lustre paints and once dry I stitched the two parts together. Leave a gap for the stuffing. 

The heart I painted in gold and I stitched it onto brown felt. I melted the edges a bit to give it a worn look. I cut out two smaller hearts and painted one with white pearl and one with copper Aztec Eco 
Metallic Lustre. I then added lace trim across the centre of the pearl white heart and used a strong glue to hold the layers together. I finished it off by adding a small heart and a cabochon to the centre.

The star was painted in blue and once dry i glued lace acrosd it. I then cut a strip of Lutradur,painted it and then melted it with a heat gun. I finished off the decoration with a cabachon and frosted berries.

The baulble was painted with copper
Aztec Eco Metalic Lustre and then i cut out a smaller circle from burlap and glued this to the centre and added a ribbon bow. I finished off with a large button and a large flat back gem in the centre.

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