Wednesday, 19 July 2017

How to Create a Hot Air Balloon Greeting Card

Hello everyone

Learn how to create this 3D greeting card by following the steps bellow.

Products used

Square Card Blank
Patterned 12 x 12 paper
Tab sticker
Mist inks

1) Cover a square blank with pattered paper and apply modeling paste with a stencil.
2) Spritz with misting ink
3) Cut out a 5 x 5 inch square of patterned paper and rough the edges before adding to card.

4) Take a Polaroid frame and cover back with pattered paper.
5) Stamp out two large hot air balloons and one smaller one.
6) Colour them in with pant and cut out.
7) Fold the two large hot air balloons into half and the stick them together at the fold. Trim off any mismatched bits and adhere to edge of frame.
8) If cutting isn't your strong point then cut off the basket and stamp that part directly onto the frame and match it up with the balloon part.

9) Place the small hot air balloon to the other side of the frame
10) Place a sentiment at the bottom of the frame.
11) Decorate with small gems
12) Place a tab at the corner of the frame and decorate with a button.

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Monday, 17 July 2017

How To Create Bright and Fun Scrapbook Pages

Hello all

 Learn how to create bright and fun layouts with Sin City Stamps and brusho powders.

1)  Start adding colour to the background using powdered inks. Apply water before sprinkling them over the page.
2)  Use the Journaling and Hearty Doodles stamps to add a layer of texture to the background.

3) mix some of the powdered ink with modeling paste and apply a few stencils to the page.

4) Stamp a few rows of arrows  using the stamp from the journaling set.

5) Cut up a few strips off patterned paper and adhere to page,

6) Add a few strios of washi tape and trims.

7) Mount photo on to cardstock and trim to fit. 

8) Apply a little more modeling paste over the layers.

9) Decorat page with embellishments.

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Sunday, 16 July 2017

How To Create An Amazing Altered Steampunk Spool

Hi all

I have a little steampunk angel to share with you today not a DT project but just something i made up with my stash.

How To Create An Amazing Altered Steampunk Spool

I started off by painting the MDF angel with acrylic paint and then i used a background stamp to add the rose pattern. I added a stencil and dry brushed some gold paint over the top.

How To Create An Amazing Altered Steampunk Spool

I stamped out the heart bunting onto paper that i had printed off of a Gelli Plate, Cut them out and glue them to twine.

How To Create An Amazing Altered Steampunk Spool

I pained a wood spool in white and wrapped tape measure print ribbon around it. I then tied a bow from the same ribbon and added a flower to the center before gluing the angel on top. I had to hold it why the glue set a little to stop it falling off.

How To Create An Amazing Altered Steampunk Spool

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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Cherish the Memory How To Create A Beautiful Beach Card

Hello all

I have a mixed media card made using the Romantic Summer Collection available at Cherish the Memory

I used a 6 x 6 paper pad from Studio Light for the base layer and roughed up the edges with a pair of scissors. I then used one of the background sheets from the card making kit and glued it to the center of the card.

I then took the porthole topper and cut out the porthole part and then adhered it to some patterned paper and adhere it to the card. Next i took a large MDF anchor and painted it with sandstone acrylic paint.

I spritzed some cheese cloth with blue misting spray and let it dry before adding it to the corners of the card. I wrapped some around the anchor and adhered die-cuts,flowers and shells over the top.

I finished off the card by adding washi tape to the corners and adding a sentiment.

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Friday, 14 July 2017

Learn What Happens When You Use Brushos With Aquawax

Hello crafty friends

I am back with a tutorial showing you how to use the Aquawax.

First of all i painted the page with gesso and mixed Lemon Brusho Powder with the Aquawax. I  gave it a good stir to distribute the colour and then painted it onto my blank page at random and let it set.

I applied a stencil to the page with modeling paste and let it set before spritzing with water. I then sprinkled Orange, Lemon and OST Red over the page, adding more water to spread the colour across the page.

Adding ink over the Aquawax will create a slight resist effect and will dry with a grungy texture.

Next i mixed Lime Green Brusho Powder with modeling paste and applied it randomly to the page.  Paint a section of white card with Lime Green  Brusho powder and then stamp out 6 larger hearts and 12 small hearts. Stamp a texture over the top with lime green ink and leave to dry. Next mix Lime Green Brusho with Thickener to make a glaze. 
Paint this over the top and cut out the hearts.

Glue the hearts onto the page in a flower shape and then stamp out a few small flowers onto card. Paint these in green and cutout, 
Use as flower centres.

Paint the corner of the journal with gesso and add a little lemon over the top.
Stamp out inspirational words onto tissue paper and glue to corner of page. Apply the glue onto the page first otherwise the tissue will tear.

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Colourcraft Beautiful Butterfly Card With Brusho Powders Sneak Peek

                                                                           Hi all
I have a card on the ColourCraft team blog today so pop over to see the full project

How To Create This Stunning Tag Card

Hi all

Just sharing my project for Whisker Graphics using the lovely Tell The Bees Paper pad. The Gold Divine Twine works really well with this pad too.

Cover a card blank with patterned paper
Cut another piece of pattered paper out and use a boarder punch along the edge before gluing to card.
Cut a doily on half and glue along the center.

Wrap gold twine around the center of the card and fix in place with tape.
Cut out a tag and glue a small chipboard tag to the center
Add a paper flower to the center

 Add a bow to the top of the tag and glue to card.
Add a bit of gold washi tape to the bottom and add a sentiment

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

How To Create Romantic Wedding Cards Using Hearty Doodles

Hello crafty friends

My mum Janet Lamb will be appearing as a guest designer on my blog now and again. This month she has been making wedding themed stationary using my Hearty Doodles Stamps set.

How To Create Romantic Wedding Cards Using Hearty Doodles

Take a card blank and cover a 3rd of the card with patterned paper and  dab ink over the rest of the card. Stamp out the hearts onto textured card stock and glue them onto the card with the largest heart in the center and then the other hearts along the side going from largest to smallest.

How To Create Romantic Wedding Cards Using Hearty Doodles 1

Stamp out the tag from the SinCity Stamps Wings set onto card and cut out. Next stamp the matching sentiment onto the tag.
Wrap matching twine around the card and leave the bit at the end longer so that you can tie the tag onto the card. Add a little heart to the edge to finish the look.

How To Create Romantic Wedding Cards Using Hearty Doodles 2

Finish card by adding pearls to the hearts

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Monday, 10 July 2017

How To Add Vibrant Colour To Scrapbook Pages

Hello  crafty friends

Today i have a mixed media layout to share and a few ideas on how to use Brusho Powders to  add colour to your trims.

I took  a photograph and cropped it to size before mounting it onto patterned paper. Next i  marked out  where the photo was going to be placed and then i added gesso around it with a palette knife. Once dry i spritzed the whole thing with water and sprinkled over OST Blue and Turquoise Brusho powders.

I then added a few stencils using modeling paste and added more Brusho powder over the top. Next i cut up pieces of cheese cloth and sprinkled Turquoise and Sea Green Brusho powder over the top and added water to activate the dye. I  Cut up some strips off patterned paper and add gesso to them before adding Brusho powder and then texture stamps onto the layers. I  positioned them onto the layout and once i was happy with the arrangement i glued them down. I then added the photo and glued the dyed cheese cloth around it like a textured frame.

Next i took some white hessian and dyed it blue using OST Blue Brusho powder. I just sprinkled on the powder and then painted water over it to get a more faded look. I cut up the hessian into pieces and glued it around my layout.

I added texture stamps around the layout and then glued sea green seed beads  over the cheese cloth. I decorated around the layout with mini shells and starfish. I painted the wooden embellishments with gesso and then painted on  the brusho powder once it had dried. Brushos can be mixed with a little water and used as a watercolour paint.

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