Friday, 19 December 2014

Festive Fun day 4: Honest Christmas Cards

i tried my best to keep these clean but after nearly 6 months of Christmas i needed to do something to bring a bit of laughter to everyone. If i come up with anymore i will share them but in between shopping and organising, the crafting is getting side tracked im sure we are all in the same boat at the moment but i am enjoying spending time making more homemade gifts and cards this year so next year i might take my creativity to the next level. i will most likely start again in May haha we crafters never do get away from Christmas.

                                                This was the mulled wine talking

                   Everyone who owns a cat will know just what this card means

                                            Thank you for looking


  1. Hello Katie, these both made me smile. Love the flying ducks.


  2. I love them, the cat made me smile xx
    sandie xx

  3. Hi Katie your cards are fantastic they made me smile just what I needed. Hugs Jackie