Saturday, 20 December 2014

Festive Fun Day 5 The German Christmas Market.

Every year the Frankfurt Christmas market comes to Birmingham City Centre, Every year it is the same but its still nice to walk around because of its novelty Christmas stands.

This is actually a bar so its always packed.

                        Lots of different sweet treats are sold here from haribo sweets to cakes

 Lots of handmade and traditional German Christmas trimmings are sold. I like the nutcrackers but they are expensive and i tell myself every year i will get one.

I like the retro toys especially the red robot that looks like its straight out of a classic sci fi movie.

The giant not very jolly Santa looms over the horizon
Walking around town we come across a lot of these street performers some are really good and some look like they slapped on their Halloween costume in a hurry.

The Bull at the entrance to the Bullring had its Christmas jumper on. the shopping centre is a nightmare this time of year.

      \Thanks for looking and i will be back tomorrow with some Christmas Jewelry

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