Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Introducing the First Edition Die Sets

These brand new die sets cut brilliantly, i have been fortunate to be set a selection of these sets to play with and i love them. my favourites so far are the Varsity Alphabet set and cogs, i have been making so many boys cards with these.

                             The die sets here are the Script Alphabet set and doily set. i will be

                                  This is the Cogs, Vintage /gentleman and Stamp Nesting die sets

                          Here i have used part of the sewing set and the Varsity Alphabet dies. This set of dies is the perfect size for creating sentiments for cards as they are about 1.5 cm tall.

This is the Tea Party Die set, i cut out the dies in both cream card stock and patterned paper. then i just cut and stick them together.

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Favorite projects of 2014

2014 is the year i became a fully fledged designer something i didn't think i would achieve. I am going to look back on my favourite projects of this year and hope for more new creative opportunities to come my way in 2015.

ive noticed i am moving towards the mixed media style of designing and away from the vintage style i did when i first started. i have developed a lot of new techniques and tried things i would never have tried a year ago.

Thanks for looking and i hope 2015 will be a great year for you

                                                               Happy New Year

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Festive Fun Day 6: tacky earrings and other Christmas Jewelry

Hello this will be my last post for this year while i balance the festivities of this time of year with crafting and work. Before i start i would like to thank everyone for their support for 2014.

My Christmas started yesterday on Chrismas Eve when i went to mum's for dinner. We got so drunk we nearly over cooked the dinner and mum's cat Romeo nicked half a joint of gammon. I have no idea how he ate that so fast but we had to laugh. Next year we will order a takeaway lol.

Its been a while since i made any jewelry but my mum likes those tacky baubles dangling earrings that are all the rage at the moment. i said why pay over £3 for a pair when i can grab some of my small tree ornaments and convert them into ear wear.

These ones are made with a selection of beads and charms. I just threaded them a long a head pin, the ones with a loop and the turned up the end with pliers to add the charm on the end.

Thank you for visiting and i will be back in January introducing the new First Edition Die sets and Little Meow paper set with a new tutorial.

Merry Christmas and Happy New.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Festive Fun Day 5 The German Christmas Market.

Every year the Frankfurt Christmas market comes to Birmingham City Centre, Every year it is the same but its still nice to walk around because of its novelty Christmas stands.

This is actually a bar so its always packed.

                        Lots of different sweet treats are sold here from haribo sweets to cakes

 Lots of handmade and traditional German Christmas trimmings are sold. I like the nutcrackers but they are expensive and i tell myself every year i will get one.

I like the retro toys especially the red robot that looks like its straight out of a classic sci fi movie.

The giant not very jolly Santa looms over the horizon
Walking around town we come across a lot of these street performers some are really good and some look like they slapped on their Halloween costume in a hurry.

The Bull at the entrance to the Bullring had its Christmas jumper on. the shopping centre is a nightmare this time of year.

      \Thanks for looking and i will be back tomorrow with some Christmas Jewelry

Friday, 19 December 2014

Festive Fun day 4: Honest Christmas Cards

i tried my best to keep these clean but after nearly 6 months of Christmas i needed to do something to bring a bit of laughter to everyone. If i come up with anymore i will share them but in between shopping and organising, the crafting is getting side tracked im sure we are all in the same boat at the moment but i am enjoying spending time making more homemade gifts and cards this year so next year i might take my creativity to the next level. i will most likely start again in May haha we crafters never do get away from Christmas.

                                                This was the mulled wine talking

                   Everyone who owns a cat will know just what this card means

                                            Thank you for looking

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Festive Fun Day 3 : custom gift wrapping

some last minute gift wrap ideas and mine usually are last minute,

you can pick up rolls of brown parcel wrap fairly cheaply theses days, i get mine form Poundland and its great to keep in as you can adapt it to suit any occasion. to make the customised gift wrap i just filled a 6x6 acrylic stamping block with an assortment of random Christmas themed stamps. you can choose just words or images,the fun is about mixing them up to get a different look. i then inked the lot and stamped along the paper, i placed a foam mat underneath to get an even image but a mouse mat also works.

Why not decorate an empty jar with paper and ribbons? you can fill them with sweets of baking mixes to give as presents. i used a variety of different items from twine and lace to decoupage

sheets. as long as you use a strong glue or glue gun you can stick anything to your jars.

bottles are difficult to wrap so why not make a fancy cover to go over the bottle. I cut out a large rectangle shape and used a small circle die to make the opening for the bottle. i used the Papermania Bellissima Christmas decoupage sheets to decorate the topper.

I added a tree decoration over the top as an extra gift.

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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Festive Fun Day 2 Christmas Shopping

I thought i would share with you some photos i took when i went to the Worcester Christmas Fayer. we have been going for 2 years now and this was the first year where the weather was mild.

                                           My Mum who also doesnt like being on Camera

                                                       i dont like photos of myself

     The stall that sells the tree ornaments always has something unusual every year.

 its nice to walk around and look at all the hand made gifts, the ducks are a great novelty present.

 All the stall owners were dressed up in Victorian costumes which added to the fun.

                                                    Love the smell of citrus and cloves

                   It was really busy and being Black Friday it was heaving everywhere.

           Thanks for looking i will be back tomorrow with some custom gift wrapping ideas.