Wednesday, 25 March 2020

DecoArt Blogger Outreach with Blank Page Muse Stamps

Hello all
It's has been a while since i blogged and to be honest i did plan to focus mainly on Instagram but the last 10 months of my life have been crazy starting with changes to my work hours and location, which are back to normal now but i am struggling to get back into things. Any way i have been mainly art journaling because i have had to give up half my craft room for our online business so i have no room for the chunky projects anymore. I did have a good clear out which has helped but i am still finding stuff lol. 

So here is my latest art journal. I started by stamping the background stamps on first and then adding the DecoArt mist sprays. The Blank Page Muse has all these new stamps which are great for us mixed media people. I will add the links at the bottom for you to take a look.

I hope everyone is ok today? The world is in absolute chaos and the only thing we can do is stay indoors and create.

The Blank Page Muse