Saturday, 4 October 2014

A Beginers guide to using the Xcut Xpress.

I love it when products are simple to use without the need for a PHD to work out what goes where. The Xpress die-cutting machine by Xcut is one of those products.  This month I will be reviewing the new die-cutting machine and also covering the basics for those of you who haven't used one before.

The Xpress comes with a base plate, cutting plate and a metal shim.
to change the height of the rollers, you turn the dial until you can fit your pates and material through the rollers with enough tension for the die to cut through your material.
What makes the Xpress standout from the other brands of die-cutting machines, is its adjustable rollers.  With the Xpress there is no fumbling around trying to work out which combination of shims to use or the need to buy special add-ons  to get your dies to cut correctly.  All you do is turn the dial on the top until your die and plates fit through the rollers. It also means that it is compatible with all brands of die-cutter and allows you to cut through material such as felt and foam.  The adjustable rollers mean that you no longer have to worry about jamming the roller or snapping the handle off if you try to push too much material through the rollers.

you can emboss full A4 sheets of card and paper and the XPress  is compatible with most A4 embossing folders and die-cuts

                with the XPress  you can cut multiple dies at once

The Xpress  can fit up to A4 sized  paper  through its rollers, this makes it easier to use when cutting multiple dies as you don’t need to cut the paper to fit the dies. The new extra-large dies make matting and layering easier and neater when creating scrapbook layouts and the A4 embossing folder means that you can add an embossed pattern to any sized card without worrying about buying the correct size of embossing folder leaving a consistent finish. There have been times where I have had to cover a card over with paper because the embossing folder was too small for the card.

I can hear you saying ‘this must be huge’.right? There is no need to panic, the Xpress  machine folds up into a neat carry case which can be stored away and is easy to transport to craft groups, crafts shows and even the caravan.  It is a little heavy thought so I wouldn’t  try and take it on the plane. It is also rather stylish with its black and white design meaning it wont stick out like a sore thumb and will appeal to the elusive male crafter.
The handle is very easy to turn and very strong so there is no need to worry about accidently snapping the mechanism.


You can use the a4 embossing folders to add texture to your scrapbook pages. Why not rub ink over the embossed pattern to add a touch of mixed media to your layout.

The new box die means that you can make a batch of gift boxes for a wedding or party quickly and cheaply. Better still you can personalize  them and make them special.

Why not use the extra-large nesting dies to create uniquely shaped cards.

Keep your Xpress machine clean by using  a micro fiber cloth to clear away dust .
if you would like to treat yourself to one then visit to find your local Creativity store. The product code is (XCU 268300 )

If your metal dies are moving about too much or you need to cut out something intricate then why not use the magnetic sheet that comes with the Xcut dies.

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