Friday, 31 October 2014

Important lessons learned

Hi all i come to you today with a bit of sad news, I have had to leave the Canvas Corps Design Team. mostly because being a UK based designer i would have to pay VAT at 20% of the value of the products plus a handling fee on top of that, when the products reached the UK. the worrying thing is that these charges are undisclosed so i would not know how much extra i would have to pay on top of the shipping fees. yes if you design for an international team you are charged for shipping and yes this company did offer to reduce them for its international designers which i thought was a kind offer.

i just wanted to give you all the heads up about making sure you know this information before accepting a position with a design team who's company is overseas. i was told by customs that if the value of the products exceeds £130 then you will have to pay duty as well as the other charges i have mentioned.

not all overseas design teams will have to worry about these charges but you must check before hand.

I will be back later with some mixed media layouts and tips.

Thank you for visiting.

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