Thursday, 25 June 2015

Got my eye on you : Halloween decorations using googly eyes

Hi all

i have a spooky make to share with you all.
These Halloween decorations are easy to make and all you need are some black Christmas baubles and some self adhesive googly eyes which you can buy in bulk of Ebay

All you have to do is peal off the back of the googly eyes  and stick them on, if you cant get the back off try using a pin but be careful.

You can paint the tops so that they are less shiny but on a black Christmas tree it helps show them up a bit. i used the smaller sized 4 inch  baubles and used the 7 mm googly eyes but  you can use the big ones and mix the sizes of the googly eyes up for a different effect.

I think the cat will have a field day with these, i am still finding the Christmas baubles all over the place.

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