Monday, 30 July 2018

Canvas Corp Brands Altered Canvas Art Journal

Hello all

I have this awesome little canvas book to share with you today. 

For the cover, i started off by coating it in white gesso and then adding a stencil.

I then used a mixture of Tattered Angle Sprays and paints to add colour.

I then added heavy gel medium to the base and added glass glitter before adding more inks. I then took the Architextures Sticker and painted it with rust paint. Once dry i then dry brushed it with High Impact Paint.

For the inside pages, i coated them all in white gesso first and then took tattered angel sprays and added patches of colour.

I then added some stencils with modeling paste

I used High Impact paint and Glimmer Glaze to add more colour

For the next pages, i sprayed with different tones of blue inks to get a space look.

I then added some stars using a stencil.

i then used white and silver metallic paints to highlight the patterns

I used a stencil and make up sponge to create the letters. I then sprayed them with ink and cut them out.


Glimmer Glaze Chianti
Glimmer Glaze Parsley 
Glimmer Glaze Blue Cheese 
Glimmer Glaze Satchel 
Glimmer Glaze Purple Passion
High Impact Paint Aqua 
Glimmer Mist  Patina 
Glimmer Mist Navy 
Chalkboard Mist Valencia 
Baseboard Mist Baby Girl Pink
Chalkboard Mist Alaskan Salmon 
Chalkboard Mist Firefly
Chalkboard Mist Inchworm
Chalkboard Mist Teal High Heel
Stitched Scrapbook Canvas and Kraft 
7Gypsies Architextures Tarnished Silver Mirror


  1. Fantastic, as always, Katie! :o)

  2. Fantastic project Katie, thanks for sharing in All Things Crafty... Facebook group xx

  3. This is brilliant, love all the colours and textures - great project!

  4. Such a fabulous and detailed project. Stunning colour and detail!

  5. Lovely book - loved the yellow-y pages best of all.

  6. gorgeous, thanks for showing step by step photos on your technique