Monday, 16 March 2015

My First Scrapbook Feature with Trimcraft

I have some news to share xx

My first scrapbooking tutorial has been published on the Trimcraft website. You can see it by visiting

I will be publishing a different tutorial once a month and will be covering different techniques and inspiration on scrapbooking. For the step by step guide please follow the above link. Bellow are some money saving tips for beginners.

When looking at purchasing die cutters, i always go for things that i can adapt to use on several projects. Nesting dies are great for saving time when cutting out shapes and also means you do not need to cut them out by hand which with me usually ends up wonky. I buy alphabet dies because in the long run you save money, as the alphabet stickers eventually run out of vowels to use. You can make your stickers last a bit longer by mixing up the different sticker sets.

If a 12x12 page is too daunting you can always try 8x8 or A4 pages and build up. A lot of the paper craft ranges come in multiple sizes and the smaller pads are cheaper.
The shells are made by pressing white clay into a silicone mould and left to air dry. these can then be painted if needed.

If you don't want to purchase a lot of embellishments then you could always look at recycling packaging to use on your pages. You can always take ribbons off of gift boxes or labels off clothing.

Thank you for looking and if you have any ideas or feedback please leave me a comment. I will be back in April covering the basics of mixed media.


  1. What a gorgeous page!! LOVE the colors and design!!

  2. Thank you Leslie

    It was a real challenge trying to keep it simple. I was really tempted to start throwing inks all over it.