Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Forever Dark December: Ike's Art Cat Phish


                            Here is my spoof of the Aliens film using Cat Phish by IKE's  Art. Who is our sponsor this month, all you have to do to win some of IKE's digis is to enter your make here

I spritzed a blank card with spriting inks

This image reminded me of the Aliens with the double mouths from Ridley Scots famous film.

Seriously you would not want this jumping on you in the morning.

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ike said...

Well - slap me down with a wet kipper !!! How could I have ever missed this beauty ???!!!
Awesome creation Katie - the background is super and I so love the spoof on the film and I certainly would want this one jumping on my bed !!! LoL xoxoxoxoxo

Katie Lamb said...

Thanks IKE

I wouldn't want to meet that one in a dark room either lol