Friday, 20 February 2015

My crafty space

I am fortunate to have a spare room which i made into a craft studio. I thought i would share some pics as we all love a nose at ones crafty space.

 This is a rare site as i don't normally have a tidy desk, the draws a full of craft tools and adhesives. each one is better at sticking different type of materials but i won't bore you with my advanced knowledge of sticky stuff.

These shelves from Argos are great for keeping all my boxes neatly stacked but its more like playing buckaroo in my craft room i never know when that one box will finally cause the rest to tumble over.

This is the sort of office bit where i keep my product code info and various card organised in to paper trys. i keep my die sets in little A5 ring binders so i can grab them and flick through. i keep an A4 one for my larger dies. see im sort of organised.

              I keep all my basics to hand in these little baskets which ive arranged like a crafty buffet.

       The mantle piece is where i photograph some of my projects as the light defuses evenly on a bright day and its also an old fashioned cst iron one so it looks cool in photos/

Ive extended my work space with a bigger table only to find even more stuff to fill it up with. one day i will get this being organised thing right.

                                     What does your craft space look like?


Leslie said...

Love seeing other's craft places. Yes, I have noticed the more room or storage you have the more stuff you place there!! That card you are working on looks darling!!!

Scrapthology said...

You're so lucky to have a whole room Katie. I have a fair bit of space in our study, but I'm always having a sort out and donating older product to fellow crafters. I'm determined not to be overrun otherwise I'd never get anything done.