Friday, 13 February 2015

Something a bit Kawaii

I have recently got into the whole Kawaii craze and found that The Little Meow range fell into this category. Kawaii is Japanese for cute and applies to anything brightly colored and cartoonish, mostly big eyed animals and people.

I started off with a plain wooden clipboard and painted the edges with purple acrylic paint. Then i used crackle medium on top of the first layer. I painted lilac paint over this before the crackle medium dried and used a heat gun to dry it off.

For the clip, i watered down some texture paste and painted it over the clip as a primer before painting it purple. Once dry i grabbed a random assortment of buttons and cabs which i glued down with uno glue. This stuff is so strong it melts plastic but its ok as long as its applied to an area that wont be on show. When painting the clip, place a bit of scrap paper under it so that the paint and glue doesnt get onto the base part.

I decorated the base of the clipboard with a sheet of A4 patterned paper which i trimmed about 1.5 cm off each side.

This is from one of the little meow stamp sets and i love them to bits. I made custom clips by stamping the kitten images on to card stock and colouring it in with the new Artiste watercolour pens. I then glued them onto mini pegs.

This is just a cheap notepad i pucked up from poundland. I just used the toppers and stickers from the ultimate decoupage kit.

Just a few close ups of how this is made

I made a pen holder by gluing a lengh of elastic to the board. i just looped it up and held it in place while the glue dried. Im showing off abit of my cute stationery off. The hello kitty clip is made by hot gluing a large cabochon to a big paperclip.

Thanks for visiting and if you have made anything Kawaii then please share by tagging me on instagram at @katiel238.

Happy crafting this weekend.


jane stillman said...

A fabulous altered clipboard. Love the cute images and embellishments

Leslie said...

Adorable!! And I learned something new about the Hawaiian word for cute!!

Claire Cady Green said...

Oh I love this Katie what a fabulous project xx