Tuesday, 23 June 2015

First Art journal page: Do you Believe in Angels?

                                                                                   Hi all
I have my first art journal page to share with you today. I used the Male Angel digital stamp i had won off Ike's Challenge #39. I am linking up with the Tando Creative colour challenge as well

I spritzed the page in ocean blue spritzing ink and then used a mask on the background. i then sprayed over it again and then rubber light blue paint over it to bring out the detail.

These are a few chipboard butterflies from  Tando Creative. i spritzed them and painted them before stamping a few cogs over them once dry.

I have often thought about the possibility that Angels may exist but how? are they in another dimension? can science one day explain how such entities could exist? what has happened to us where did the magic and wonder go? we sit here in a world where we must prove everything is real, maybe its okay to believe in the things that can not be seen.

I was about 3 years old when i encountered something i did not understand. I woke up during the night to find a presence in the room he said 'be not afraid' i looked around at what appeared to be a talking blue light and ran for it taking cover under my parents bed. They didn't believe me when i told them, they said i imagined it and i believed them. I now wonder, if that experience was real, what was it he wanted to say?

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