Saturday, 18 April 2015

I'm All Heart With Clearly Besotted Stamps

                                           A couple of projects up on the blog today.
I have been playing with my new Clearly Besotted stamps and dies again and this time i have an 8x8 layout for you and a card.

I used the min love hearts stamps and matching dies for these projects and you don't have to use them just for Valentines Day as you can see here.

I love ink drips and i love to add lots of colours so i grabbed my DecoArt Acrylic misters and went for it. I used my Clear Snap cats eye ink sets to match all the colours together using these lovely textured stamps.

 I chose these photos as they are of my Nan's last birthday so they are very special, its still a tough topic to document and i tend to use photos of her when she was still well and vibrant. This is why i have a scrapbook so that we can remember those who are no longer here. 

 Its really hard to deal with a family member who has cancer. 
The drugs affected her mind and in the end i'm not sure she knew who we were. Most people have the worry of whether or not the treatment will work but we had to deal with all the mishaps that happen when the mind decides to go missing in action, as well as all the visits to the hospital. It got to a point when she had enough and refused further treatment its a really tough decision but it was last one she consciously made.

I know everyone wants to scrap happy memories but we have to face the difficult ones too so that we can begin to heal. I shared this because i want others to know that they are not alone and that grief doesn't magically disappear.

And here is a little thank you card for listening

                                          Its really simple to make as i flicked ink over the card base and wrapped red jute around it, I cut out the mini hearts in craft foam and stamped over them before slotting them in between the jute.

Thanks again xx


  1. Oh bless you, sorry you and your family have lost a beloved family member, I think this is a lovely page to remember your Nan.

  2. Hi Katie you have created a beautiful page. I am sorry for the loss of your Nan. We do have to face difficult situations in our lives. This is a lovely way to remember your Nan. Hugs Jackie

  3. This page is beautiful! And even though a sad memory, it really is a lovely tribute to your Nan to document the good and bads of life. I 100% agree that scrapbooking can be very therapudic and carry some heavy emotions, so yes, scrapbook the bad times too even if its hard, but your are honoring those lives before us by sharing their stories while telling your story too.

  4. It's a beautiful page and a lovely way to honour your gran. Your card it pretty too xxx

  5. Such a lovely, thoughtful post. I lost my Grandad to cancer, and can completely relate to the issues you mention. I chose to honour him in the crafting for my wedding, picking fabrics for my wedding bouquet which represented him (tartan), nautical style buttons (he was in the navy), and finally replacing the small bow in my dress with the family tartan! Crafting can be a lovely way to remember lost ones.

    1. Thats a lovely way of remembering you Grandad. Thank you for sharing