Saturday, 4 April 2015

How to create square photos using photo editing software

Hi everyone
This week i am going to begin with a mini series on how to edit and print 4 x 4 square photos. I will keep it simple i promise.

To get a larger view of the photos just click on them and you will get a pop up with a bigger image. Don't worry they wont try to sell you anything.

Step 1) go into the folder where your photos are kept and double click on them so that photo editing software launches. I have used Windows Live Photo Gallery for this tutorial but there are many free programs such as Picasa and Pic Monkey you can try.

 Step 2 ) Next click on the crop button and then go to proportion and click on the custom option, then go to the bottom of the list and choose Square.

Step 3) using the cursor adjust the area and position of the square by dragging the little boxes in the corners. to move the whole box click and hold the centre of the highlighted square. The arrow will change to a  cross shape, just click and drag it into place.

Lastly click the crop button once you are happy with the final image and save to your photo folder.

I hope this helps and i will be back with a tutorial on how to print these photos off with a home printer.

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