Tuesday, 21 April 2015

How to print off square photos using a home prnter

Hi i am back with part 2 of my tutorial on how to make your photos square shaped. Today i will show you how to print them off using your home printer.

Step 1) open the folder where you have saved your cropped square photos and hold down the Ctrl while selecting the ones you wish to print. This way you can print multiple photos in one go.

Step 2) Once you have selected your photos, continue to hold the Ctrl button and right click and click on the print option from the pop up menu.

Step 3) next you will see a box pop up with your print options. Un-tick the fit to page box so that the program does not automatically stretch the image to fit the whole page. from here you can choose how many photos to print per page. I choose the 4 photo option so that the come out about 4x4 on A4 printer paper but to get smaller 2x2 photos choose the 9 photo option. Most of the common printers will have a similar set up.

hope this helps and thanks for visiting.

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