Sunday, 20 May 2018

Ephemoire True Crime Themed Artist Trading Block

Hi all 

I am back with an artist trading block to share today.
I apologize for the video as i was recovering from the dreaded lurgy at the time of filming.

Here is the video

I painted the block with black gesso and then added paper to the background. I used the Bonafide paper set and cut them to size using a square nesting die. 
I forgot to mention that on the video.

I then applied a stencil mask and once the modeling paste had set, i sprayed it with red mist spray.

To get the pictures to fit, I cut out the people and glued them on.

This was a cheap plastic halloween garland with skeletons on. I cut them up and glued their bones to the block.

The blood drips are made using a red hot glue stick and a die cut as a mould. 

The feet are some beads shaped like poison cans.