Monday, 9 June 2014

Smashbook: La de dah 1

Here is page one of my La De Dah smashbook. I will try to create a new page every week as a personal challenge to myself to get my photos into an album of some description. for those of you who have never herd of a smashbook, its basically a less formal way of scrapbooking and doesn't have to use photos either. Some people use them to keep packaging and tickets in because they like them while others use them to keep drawings and art in. Mine will be a random assortment of photos.

 The La de dah range come In 3 styles couture, pretty and journey. My book is the journey one and its more like a ring binder as you can remove the pages and add new ones. this is great for customising pages and covering over the patterns you don't like. I like the idea of having interactive pages and will design some with pocket and flaps latter but this week its a simple mini layout.
I been experimenting with stamps this week and I used the new photopolymer stamps from Trimcraft. I like these because they are made from a thick rubber and hold the ink better then the acrylic stamps.

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