Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Crafty Bucket list

I thought i would learn a bit more about everyone and start a new chain challenge. List 5 crafty things you have always wanted to try and go for it. Link back to me in the comments when you have completed one of the things on your list.
Here goes

1) add sewing to a project

Me and my sewing machine dont get on very well at the moment but i love the shabby chic look of adding sewing to cards and layouts.

2) spinner cards

My last attempt failed but i really want to try this

3) Mail art

I didn't know this existed so now i have to try it

4) Craft Videos

I have just started playing around with this medium but would like to make a video of one of my mixed media layouts.

5)  Matchbox Art

I have seen these all over Pinterest and wanted to try it out myself

Here is a link up of other crafty friends who are doing the bucket list challenge


Jaiq available from 14th July


Unknown said...

I'll try this! :)

Katie said...

Thank you for joining in

jaiq said...

Ok, I'm in! :)

Katie said...

Thank you for joining