Thursday, 19 November 2015

Fiskarettes Design Team: Heart Shaker Card Using The Shape Cutter

Hi all 

I am back with my first tutorial for the Fiskars Design Team. I will be showing you how to use the Shape Cutter to create this shaker card. You can find more inspiration on our Facebook group here

1) Spritz ink onto watercolour paper and use the small heart punch to punch out hearts

2) Using the Heart Shape Template cut out the 4 inch heart with the shape cutter. This will be the shaker box base.

3) Using craft foam cut out the 4 inch heart again and then place the template back over the heart and using the 3.5 inch heart, cut around it to create a frame.

4) Cut out the 4 inch heart again from acetate, If it is too thick for the shape cutter blade then draw around the template and cut with scissors.

5) Take a sheet of patterned paper and cut out the 4 inch heart and then position the template over the cut out and cut out a 3 inch  heart, over the top to make another frame.

6) Glue the foam frame to the base and then fill with the punched out hearts.

7) Glue the acetate over the top to seal the box.

8) Cover the uneven edges with the heart frame cut out of the patterned paper

9) Now you have a shaker box topper.

                    Here are a few more pictures of the finished card

I hope you found this tutorial helpful and thank you for your comments


  1. Hi this is a stunning card. Thank you for the tutorial. Hugs Jackie

  2. So nicely done. I love shaker cards, but am too darn lazy to make them myself.

    1. They are not too hard once you have made a few. i messed up my first ones because i use foam tape and all the bits fell though the gaps. It's also not a good idea to use glitter as a filler either