Tuesday, 13 June 2017

How To Bind Books Using Divine Twine

Hi all

I have been meaning to make a junk journal and discovered a simple way to bind books with Divine Twine.

1) Take and old hardcover book and cut out the page using a sharp knife.

2) Depending on how many signatures you want to create will depend on how much twine you will need but it always works out at double  the number of signatures. I used 5 on my journal so i did 10 lots of twine that where the length of the book i used. Leave a extra length or two at either end so that the book can be tied together.

3) Once you have your lengths of twine, tightly wrap them around the spine.

4) Take the left end of the twine and thread it through the signatures at the back of the book. Gather the right end of the twine and tie a knot.

5) Next gather up your papers and any interesting mail and fold it all into a booklet. This is then threaded through the signatures and held in place with the twine.

6)  Fold a few Itty Bitty Bags in half and thread through the twine with the papers. These make great mini books and pockets.

7) Decorate your pages with bits and pieces.

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  1. That's beautiful Katie, the twine is perfect to hold the signatures. I have been collecting items to make a junk journal myself. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

    1. Thank you Tracy. Look forward to seeing what you make with yours.

  2. What a fab idea Katie, really useful to know

  3. Great tip, thanks for sharing!!

  4. Great idea Katie, thanks for sharing, it's brilliant xx

  5. Hi Katie this stunning. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  6. Fabulous project and so detailed. Stunning!

  7. What a lovely idea, Katie. Love your little books, they are beautiful

  8. What a clever girl you are! I love the way you put this together! So much fun! The end result is fantastic! Thanks for the inspiration! :o)

  9. Great idea and fabulous journal love all the images and papers
    Carol x