Saturday, 18 August 2018

Cherish The Memory Summer Feelings Bottles Card

Hi all

I have a card to share using the Summer Feelings Card Making and Scrapbook Kit

I followed the instructions in the kit a little bit and then changed a few things around to get a better design. I then added some flowers and bits from my stash to bring it all together.

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Friday, 17 August 2018

Artful Days Beach Canvas

Hello all

We are in the heat of summer and i have a refreshing beach themed canvas to share using products avalible from Artful Days.

Start off by painting the canvas with gesso and then use Lindy's Cathedral Pines Magicals over the top.

Use heavy gel medium to stick down the shells, micro beads and star fish. Once dry paint everything in gesso and leave to set. Sprinkle over the top with Lindy's magicals and blue mist spray.

Apply more gel medium and sprinkle on micro beads and glass stones.

Next add the gems, Mermaid Pearls and Resin starfish to finish the project.

Products used

Bronze Starfish Charms
Lindy's Magicals Cathedral Pines Green
Assorted Scallop Seashells
No Hole Beads Mermaid Rainbow
Acrylic Dew Drops Clear
Deco Sprinkles Ice Blue

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

The Blank Page Muse Altered Postcard

Hi all

I am so ready for the beach!! It feels like ages since i have visited those sandy shores. Well i have an altered postcard to remind you of the sea and sand!!

Products used

The Blank Page Muse Tropical Dreams
The Blank Page Muse Background Grunge
The Blank Page Muse Sketchy Doodle Bricks
Card Stock
Black Ink Pad
MDF Shapes
Scraps of Paper
Lime Green Acrylic Paint
Light Orange Acrylic Paint
Bright Yellow Acrylic Paint
Mist Sprays
Self Adhesive Gems

Start off by covering a postcard in gesso and leaving it to dry. 

Next paint over with lime green acrylic paint and then add bright yellow to the center.

Paint over with light orange and once the paint has dried, spray with mist inks.

Use texture stamps along the edges of the postcard and use archival safe ink so it doesn't smudge.

Tear up some paper scraps and then spray ink onto them. Next stamp over the top with a texture stamp.

Paint a mdf shape and then place all the pieces onto the postcard. 

Add dyed cheesecloth to the ship wheel. Stamp out a pair of flip flops onto card and colour them in before cutting them out and sticking them down. 
Decorate with die-cut pieces and gems  to finish of the project.

The Blank Page Muse Shop
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Monday, 13 August 2018

StencilGirl Free Your Mind Art Journal Page

Hi all

I created  this simple art journal page using the new stencil by StencilGirl. 

I coated the page with gesso and when that has dried, i spritzed ink over the top

I used blue acrylic paint over the stencil with the faces and then turned the stencil over and used the other side to get a mirror image. I then put a bit of magenta on my finger and stamped away.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Canvas Corp Brands Butterflies Artist Trading Coins

Products used

Baseboard baby girl pink



Spring Showers Butterflies on Ivory Paper

Gypsy Moments 8 x 8 Paper Pad 
Express Yourself Sheet

The Blank Page Muse Hearty Doodles 

Cut out a set of three 2. 5 inch circles and then paint with gesso.

Spray over with Firefly Chalkboard mist spray.

Once the one layer has dried, you can add another colour over the top which for my second layer wast Valencia.

The last colour i used is Baby Girl Pink which is my favourite colour.

I used Glimmer Glaze to colour in the butterflies and wings.

I stamped over the backgrounds with mini texture stamps and used a mix of red and orange permanent ink so that each layer will show through.

I inked the edges using a makeup sponge to create a soft border.

I placed each piece on to the coin and once i was happy with the arrangement i glued them down and added a mini peg for the body.

I cut up the tiny words from the Gypsy Moments 8 x 8 pad and glued them on to the coins. I then added gems to finish off the coins.

Cherish The Memory Summer Feelings

Hi all

I have a card to share using the Summer Feelings card making and scrapbook kit.

I constructed this one using the different bits from the kit so it doesn't follow any of the instructions. I then added my own embellishments to finish it off

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Friday, 10 August 2018

Artful Days Mermaid Journal Cover

Hi all
I have altered a MDF Book cover by SamanthaK using products available at Artful Days

Product links

Paint the mdf book cover white and let it dry. Then paint it turquoise and let it dry before applying a stencil mask. I use modeling paste and only used part of the stencil to give it a distressed look. 

Dye some cheese cloth with blue and green ink and dry it off with a heat gun.  Glue it down the book and then apply heavy gel medium to the cover. Sprinkle on microbeads,drew drops and mermaid beads.

Take the resin pieces and paint them turquoise, Next apply texture paste over them and once this has set, paint with quinedone gold fluid acrylic. 

Paint part of the book cover with yellow-green acrylic paint and apply more texture paste around the edges. Add more quinacridone gold over the top to create a rusty look. 

One the back of the book i covered it in a stencil mask and  sprinkle over Cathedral Pines Magicals and apply water to spread the colour. Then apply yellow-green acrylic paint mixed with a little water. The final layer is texture paste and quinacridone gold acrylic paint.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Artful Days Steampunk Mini Shadow Box And Giveaway!!

Hi all
Would you like to learn how to create this mini printer tray? Follow below for the full instructions and there is a giveaway too!!

Would you like to win some steampunk bits to use on your own printer tray? yes? i have a little giveaway just for my blog readers, simply comment on my blog and a winner we be picked at random.

Plus the winner will also receive a 10% discount to use on the Artful Days website
Giveaway closes at midnight on Saturday 18th August. Good Luck.

 I cut some of the partitions away with scissors to create bigger boxes and then painted the whole thing with gesso and then copper acrylic paint. 

Next i gave it a coat of rust paste and texture paste to add the rust effect.

Once the box is painted  you can start arranging the pieces into the boxes. I added cog charms and other metal charms to the boxes 

I used plastic skull beads and painted them to match the box

You can fill these little bottles with micro beads  and other tiny bits to create curios.

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