Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Fallout Props Mentats Tin

Hi all

I am back with more Fallout props.
The tins usually contain pills that give your character various abilities but i used sweets instead.


So i printed the label from Deviant Art which you can get here.

The fist part is to sand down the tins so that the paint will stick. I used DecoArt Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic paint as it will stick to smooth surfaces like ceramic when set. 

my first layer was black gesso but this did not hold to well while i was adding the paint layer. I think i had to let it dry fully over night before painting but it did create a battered look where some of it had peeled off

i used one coat of Canary and let it dry before applying a coat of School Bus. This is so you get a layered look when you sand back sections of the paint.

next i printed the labels off to fit my tins. I used 3 and a half inch tins so i printed them off at 3 x 2 inches. Sand off the edges and crumple up before using Rusty Hinge Distress ink and carbon black fluid acrylic to add the grunge.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Hellgnome's Death Digis Skull flowers ATCs

Hi all

I have a set of Artist Trading Coins to share using the Death Blooms Digi Stamps by Hellgnome's Death Digis.

I used acrylic paint and  a make up sponge to apply the paint to the base of the coins. I then used texture stamps on the background.

I used marker pens to colour the Death Bloom images.

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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Hellgnome's Death Digis The Lost Cosmonaut

Hello all

I am back with a space themed card using Hellgnome's death digis. Did you know that we have a collection of dead bodies floating around in space? yep Dogs, cats., monkeys and maybe a couple of Russian cosmonauts. During the space race of the 60s, scientists sent up a dog named Laika so they could study the effects of space on living things. Poor thing died because they didn't realise that there was no oxygen in space. It seems daft now but back then all this was new. Now there is a conspiracy theory that Russia lost a few astronauts during early test flights and they covered it up to save face.

use watercolour paints and randomly apply colours to the center of a blank card. Keep them matching so you don't get a muddy mess. Once dry, take black acrylic paint and paint the rest of the card, blend a little black into the colours. Take white acrylic paint and mix with a little water. make sure you have covered everything in paper including yourself as this bit gets messy!!. Flick the white paint over the card and keep going until you have added thousands of tiny stars to the card.

 use markers on the spaceman, choose three matching colours and colour the image with the lightest colour first. Then decide which direction the light is shining. Use the second lightest colour on the part where the light meets the shadows. finally use the darkest colours on the bits where the shadows will fall. With practice you will soon get the hang of colouring.

paint a piece of card black and stamp a sentiment on using gold ink. Flick white paint over it and then use a white ball pen to add and outline to the sentiment. it is better to stamp the sentiment onto separate card in case it smudges

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Monday, 15 October 2018

Bleeding Art October Challenge Blingy Skulls

Hi all

we have a new mixed media challenge starting up in October. It is a bit different to other mixed media challenges as we want to see your Canvases, Shrines, assemblages, anything free standing, anything that can be hung on the wall or that uses recycled items. I am sure you creative lot will have other ideas to share too.

Here is my first project for the October challenge and yes like a giddy child i have jumped straight into Halloween with these mixed media skulls.

I tried three different types of medium on each skull. This one is texture crackle paste and it dries like cracked stone so very lovely. I then painted it and covered it in as many gems as i could. I thought blinging up one side looked more edgy, well i saw this on Pinterest and had a go but it looks nothing like the original idea.

Skull number two was covered in cheesecloth you know that stuff 19th century mediums liked to regurgitate and pretend were ghosts. Anyway stuck to a skull and painted over with acrylic paint gives the project a nice texture.

I added a few beads first but it look bland so i added micro beads using heavy gel medium, It needed something else so i added a pile more pearl beads down the front to give it a full bling look. I added flowers to the other eye socket, i think it looks less creepy without a gaping hole for an eye but that is just me.

Skull number three was covered in texture sand paste which when dries looks like a stone surface. I painted it orange and then added bling to a chip board spider. 

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Saturday, 13 October 2018

The Blank Page Muse Where The Wind Takes You Art Journal Page

Hello all
I have a colourful art journal page to share using stamps by The Blank Page Muse.
September is all about layers of colour so the more the merrier.

Products used

Craft foam
Ink pads
Mist sprays
Art journal
Washi tapes 

Here are the close ups of the project. Keep reading to learn how to create this page!.

Cover the page in gesso and leave to dry. Next spray on two mist sprays until you have a rich layer of colour.

Next take a few texture stamps and stamp them along the bottom and one side of the page. Use different colours so each layer shows through.

Add washi tapes and emphera onto the page.

Add more layers until you are happy with it.

Stamp images onto scraps of craft foam and cut them out.

Possition them onto the page and glue them down. Add quotes to the center of the page and decorate with gems and other bits.

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Friday, 12 October 2018

Fallout Themed Altered Bottle Caps Nuka Cola, Nuka Quantum and Sunset Sarsaparilla.

Hello all

I am back with another set of props from the game Fallout. The various games use a few different currencies to trade goods and caps are one of the main currencies from the series whether they be Nuka Cola or Sunset Sarsaparilla. 

DecoArt Multi-Surface Paint in Red Hot,Dark Scarlet,Cobalt,and True Blue.

Bottle caps
Sand paper
Caps print out
Circle punch 1.5 inch
Strong glue Best Glue Ever
You can find all the caps printouts here

Print out the caps using this sheet.
 I sanded the caps with sandpaper and then used DecoArt multi-surface paints.
I used two shades of red for the Nuka Cola and Sunset Sarsaparilla caps. This is so you get a grungy layered look when you sand back a bit of the paint.

I used a 2inch circle punch to get the tops of the caps round. I the sanded them down a little to distress them.

I used a mixture of Tim Holtz Vintage Photo and Tea Stain to get the grungy look.

These are from Fallout New Vegas

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Thursday, 11 October 2018

Craft Consortium Little Fawn Foxy Card

Hello all

I have a card to share using the new Little Fawn collection by Craft Consortium. 

The collection has a a selection of stamps, papers and matching embellishments. 

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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Fallout Game Props: Canned Food Pen Holders

Hello all

It is the start of my Fallout game props series.

 Learn how to make these Fallout themed pen holders using Best Glue Ever and a lot of rust. If you haven't played this game before it is basically a first person shooter with RPG elements. Based in a post nuclear future yes it all sounds grim but it's a lot of fun to play and it has this cheerful futuristic 1940's theme underlying the story. 

So slap on that pip boy and lets explore the wasteland.

Product list
ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever™
Print outs links bellow
DecoArt Quinacridone Gold Fluid Acrylic
DecoArt Texture Sand Paste
DecoArt Patio Paint Black and Brown
Tim Holtz Distress Inks Rusty Hinge and Vintage Photo
Black Ink Pad

You will need a few clean cans. Paint the top and bottom with brown and black patio paints and leave to dry.

Next print out the labels. I had to fiddle around with the size to get it to fit but you can print two labels and stick them together. I just cut them out and crumpled them up. Next i used a make up sponge to apply distress ink over the top. I just layered up the Rusty Hinge, Black and Vintage Photo until it looked dirty. I roughed the edges and created small rips in the paper.

Apply the Best Glue Ever over the back of the paper. It takes a bit longer to dry so you  have time to position the label before it sets.

Next  paint the top and bottom with another layer of black paint and then apply the texture sand paste. It doesn't matter if the paint is slightly wet as this adds to the grunge.

Once it has dried, Paint on the Quinacridone gold over the texture paste. You can add a little water to tone down the rust colour.

You should get something like this once all the layers are on. You can just keep adding layers of paint until you are happy with the look.

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