Monday, 19 October 2015

Susan K Weckesser Creative team Tumbleweed houses ATCs

Hi all

I am back with some ATCs i made using the tumbleweed houses stamp set.

ATC is short for artist trading card and we swap them with each other.  It's like a miniature work of art

                       I coloured in the houses with First Edition Markers and cut them out.

I created the backgrounds by spritzing a couple of Oak House Studio Inks In A Bottle onto the blank card and blending them with a brush.

I created a pattern on the card by rubbing ink over a TCW stencil using a make-up sponge.

The Home stamp was coloured using water based ink for a more vibrant effect.

I used blue inks to create a sky line and coloured in a few of the little houses before cutting them out and lining them up in a row.

Thank you for Visiting