Monday, 12 December 2016

Things to Alter How To Weather Wood Ornaments

Hi all

Would you like to learn how to create a totally weather worn look on your projects? What about a realistic rusty water look? 

I just wanted to mention that Andy Skinner did the Crackle effect tutorial first and that i am just adding my spin on it.

Here is what it looks like before i altered it and you can get these from Poundland. Go quick before they put the Christmas stuff out.

First coat the plaque in black paint and then once dry add a  coat of Weathered Wood Crackle paint. You can also use pva glue but skip the crackle paint layer and use white paint instead as the crackle paste won't crackle if you use it with pva.

If you use the weathered wood crackle medium let this dry before painting on the crackle paint. If you use pva glue then paint on the white paint while it is wet. 

Add a couple of blobs of Quinacridone gold fluid acrylic around the plaque.

Lift the plaque up slightly and add drops of water on to the paint with a brush and drag the colour down. Add more water to fade it out more and create a more weathered look.

Leave to dry 


  1. Thanks for sharing this technique. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

  2. great technique, thanks for showing photos of each step

  3. great tutorial - a fab result, too

    xx Kathy

  4. Hi Katie thank you for sharing. Hugs Jackie

  5. Thank you for sharing your tutorial x