Friday, 10 August 2018

Artful Days Mermaid Journal Cover

Hi all
I have altered a MDF Book cover by SamanthaK using products available at Artful Days

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Paint the mdf book cover white and let it dry. Then paint it turquoise and let it dry before applying a stencil mask. I use modeling paste and only used part of the stencil to give it a distressed look. 

Dye some cheese cloth with blue and green ink and dry it off with a heat gun.  Glue it down the book and then apply heavy gel medium to the cover. Sprinkle on microbeads,drew drops and mermaid beads.

Take the resin pieces and paint them turquoise, Next apply texture paste over them and once this has set, paint with quinedone gold fluid acrylic. 

Paint part of the book cover with yellow-green acrylic paint and apply more texture paste around the edges. Add more quinacridone gold over the top to create a rusty look. 

One the back of the book i covered it in a stencil mask and  sprinkle over Cathedral Pines Magicals and apply water to spread the colour. Then apply yellow-green acrylic paint mixed with a little water. The final layer is texture paste and quinacridone gold acrylic paint.