Wednesday, 29 May 2013

2013 Smash Journal January to April

i decided to complete a smash journal for 2013 and because I've only just discovered it i had to go back  and complete pages from January to now. its more fun then i thought and i complete it in between layouts or when I'm not feeling like crafting.
 we had a great New Year and for once it was lively but January was a cold month with the snow and ice lasting about 3 weeks, this was the month Ant injured himself clearing the ice from under the car.

February was followed by even more snow and ice making it impossible to travel unless it was necessary.
March saw the closure of our local social club which means there is one less place to go now.

May was the month i decided to go for it and complete a load of Challenges from various craft sites. something i am going to continue doing over the next year.
Grumpy cat is so funny and Timmy gets himself into trouble a lot
its very satisfying to make something by hand and is sometimes cheaper then buying it from the shops.

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