Tuesday, 14 May 2013


I spent a whole rainy afternoon creating this page and i think that if you invest time into your layouts then you will get a good quality page.  But also invest time to journal about the subject of your page otherwise the memory will be lost amongst all those pretty things we like to stick on our pages.
Today  will show you how to get a simple distressed look using chipboard.
 using embosing ink, stamp a texture or pattern on to bare chipboard with clear stamps. i used Bo'bunny distressed textures on mine. Then while the ink is wet, coat it in clear embossing powder and meat it with a heat tool. Once it has dryed and cooled off dab acrylic paint that has been weaked with water over the top and let it dry. You could wipe off some of the paint if you want a more defined pattern or distress it with sandpaper.
 if you are going to stick things like beads on to chipboard use a strong adhesive and be prepared to get it all over your fingers. Don't worry it comes off with warm water eventually.
 To make it easier to fold and distress the edges of your page, first wet the edges with water using a sponge then tear and roll the page until you have the look you want. I created a creamy brown paint by mixing Tim Holtz old photo ink with white acrylic paint and dabed it around the edges.
I used card i had recycled from food packaging and then embossed the stamp and cut it out. I found that it loos more three dimensonal the just stamping it directly on the page.

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