Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Scrapbooking your cute pets

Misty is a rescue cat having been born under the bush in the garden. Mum had been feeding the stray cats and well we seemed to have collected them. Misty had decided he didn't like living outdoors anymore and had wondered off from his litter. our neighbour found him in their garden all soaking wet so we couldn't turn the little chap away. We called him misty because of his smokey grey fur. he actually likes posing for the camera. i will be adding more layouts of Misty posing soon.

i used Tim holtz tattered floral decorative strip to make the flowers. there is a tutorial video posted on this blog that will show you how to make them. let us know if its helpful so i can add more later.

 let me introduce Gizmo who is the offspring of misty and just as daft. he likes to wear stuff like scarfs and a pet lead. yes he likes to go walkies, im sure he has some kind of identity crisis. i would just like to add that no cats were harmed during the making of this scrapbook album however some humans were harmed when we tried to take off his scarf.

What happens when you leave you kitten alone with your  scrapbooking stash? find out in mishaps, kittens and scrapbooking. This weekend for more layout ideas of cute kittens trashing stuff.

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