Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Tando Creative May Challenge

Hi all
I am sharing a new mixed media layout today. I am entering this one into the Tando Creative May Challenge.

I used the Harlequin and sequin waste masks on this project. I wanted a very textured layout that reminded me of all the things found when the tide goes out. Like the little crabs and limpets stuck to the rocks. 

These cute place markers are from the Happy Scatter Etsy shop, i love them and i want more.

I really do love being on the beach its so peaceful and the salty water and fresh air is invigorating.

I experimented with texture by adding seed beads to the page. I was trying to recreate the rough rocks you find when the tide goes out.

                      And here are some beach photos to keep you going until the next holiday. I can still                             smell the salty air, i think i miss it already.

This is Weymouth which i have just come back from, i love this beach with its fine sand and shallow water.

 This one is Bognor regis while stunning to photograph its not so kind on the feet

Exmouth is one of our regular destinations its strange because the sand is light and fine here but less then a mile up the road the sand is a red colour, The red sand gives the place a surreal feeling and i love it.

Thank you for visiting and i will be back with more photos and projects soon


  1. Beautiful page!! Love how that gorgeous picture pops among your mixed media!!

  2. Hi Katie this is a fantastic page I love your photos too. Hugs Jackie

  3. Wow you've really thought about each different element :) Love the seed beads especially!

    1. Thanks Sarah
      the beads where hard to stick down as they kept rolling off

  4. This is a really lovely layout.....I've never done any scrapbooking, but feel a bit more inspired now. I have all the gear, but no idea, LOL