Monday, 16 April 2018

Altered Nautical Clock

 Hello Crafty friends

I have some texture porn for you today but don't google that phrase because you might find something that can't be unseen. 

And here is is my very rusty nautical clock using the blank MDF clock kits from Samantha K.

I painted the whole thing with navy blue paint as you do and let that dry.

Then i mixed brown and orange acrylic paint together to make a rusty colour. i added orange to the brown and mixed it until i got the right colour. I dabbed it on with a brush and sprinkled on cinnamon powder and then dabbed more paint onto until  i got this crusty layer. Then i dry brushed over the top with bronze paint.

I painted the centre with crackle paste and then used turquoise ink over the top.

i then dyed some cheese clothe and glued that down. Then i added the shells because you can't do nautical without shells.  Remember to leave room for the clock hands so they can move around.

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  1. Hi Katie this is a stunning clock I bet it looks great on the wall. Have great week. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. WOW! i love the details you put into this. Your open line had me laughing...i will be sure to follow your advice and NOT google that phrase. Have a good one!

    1. Thank you Danielle

      Yes you have to be careful what pops up in those search engines

  3. Well whatever porn this is, it's absolutely GORGEOUS. Thanks for the chuckle and joy at seeing your project.

  4. Fab project, loving the textures. Leanne x

  5. The colours and textures of this are stunning. xx

  6. Fabulous colours and textures on your clock - great project!!

  7. Stunning work Katie, this is fabulous xx