Monday, 5 May 2014

A Beginners guide to Misting Sprays

                   A Beginners Guide to Misting Sprays

The Artiste Spritzing inks come in a wide range of colours and are very versatile. In this workshop I am going to teach you some of the basics and teach you a few techniques for your projects.

Before you start using these inks, cover your workspace well with newspaper but don’t worry if you spill some or get a bit of spray over something as these inks are washable and will clean off with soap and water.

To use the inks first you must shake the bottle well, its ok to give these a good shake as the nozzle doesn’t clog up like other brands of spritzing inks. Hold the bottle at a slight angle and then spritz,

There are 12 colours to choses from  Gold (DOA 550602) , White (DOA 550601), Black Night (DOA 550609) , Cardinal Red (DOA 550603), Ocean Blue (DOA 550607) , Electric Blue (DOA 550605),  Goldstone (DOA 550612), Hematite (DOA550608), Mint (DOA550610), Forest Green (DOA550606) , Violet (DOA 550611) , Aubergine (DOA550604). for more info visit and enter the product codes in to the search bar.

You will get a different effect depending on how far from your project you hold the bottle. If you hold it close to your project you will get a thick covering of colour like this:

If you hold it further away you will get a soft misty effect like the photo below. Have fun and try out different effects by altering the distance between your project and the bottle of spritzing ink.

now we have the basics lets learn some techniques

Technique 1 : Dripped ink

                                   Unscrew the cap and draw a line of ink across your project.

      Tilt your card or page up slightly to let some of the ink run down and then blow on it to branch it out.
  Leave it to dry for up to 30 minutes or use a heat gun to speed things up.  To prevent warping spritz some water on the  opposite side as the warping is caused by the moisture being removed from the ink too quickly.  You could also place two sheets of scrap paper over your project and place a heavy object like a book over it while it dries.

                           Technique 2 : Stencil effects

                               1) Select your card blank and place your chosen die into position.

2) Spritz Artiste Spritzing inks all over the die ensuring that its held down as firm as possible.

                         3) Carefully remove the die and dab off excess ink with a paper towel.

4) it should look like this, don't worry if its not perfect as you can cover up any blotches with embellishments.

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